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Hackney Victoria Park

Which areas do the most and least spontaneous Londoners live?

Are Greenwich dwellers dull and boring? Are Hackney folk hip and happening? Yes, is the answer, it seems

UK's billionaires

Revealed: The top 10 richest billionaires of 2015

The world’s top 400 richest people lost a total of $19bn this year, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index.

Lord Sugar

5 key facts about Lord Sugar's new business partner Joseph Valente

Joesph Valente beat Vana Koutsomitis to become the winner of The Apprentice  and Lord Sugar’s new business partner.

Happy and sad

Revealed: FTSE 100 winners and losers of 2015

The most unloved shares of 2015 were of mining companies, investment management giant Hargreaves Lansdown has said.


The most popular properties for sale in Britain revealed

Britain is a nation obsessed with property porn, with many of us lusting over palatial homes with grand staircases, gigantic pools and cinema rooms among other bells and whistles.

Victoria Road

Property Rich List: These are Britain's MOST EXPENSIVE STREETS

No drumroll necessary – the most expensive street in Britain is in London

Jamie Oliver

Santa sack? Jamie Oliver under fire for sacking staff right before Christmas

More than 40 employees at celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Notting Hill cookery shop are livid for getting sacked right before Christmas.

Is your employee thinking of quitting?

I QUIT: The 5 big business bosses who resigned this year amid scandals

Think about the biggest resignations of the year and Ed Miliband,

Lord Sugar

The Apprentice is “fixed”, claims contestant Selina Waterman-Smith

Controversial The Apprentice candidate Selina Waterman-Smith is pointing her finger at the BBC for “fixing” the show from the start.

Raheem Sterling

Manchester City owners sell 13% stake to Chinese investors in £265m deal

Chinese investors have snapped up a 13% stake in Premier League leaders Manchester City for $400m (£265m).

William Shakespeare

On the money – How the wealth of National Treasures compares today

We’ll fork out some £3.5bn over Black Friday weekend and though most of that spending is online or on cards, hard cash still accounts for 40% of high street transactions. But have you ever stopped to think whose likeness is featured on the banknotes that slip through our fingers so easily – and why?


These are London's most controversial billionaire basements

The super-rich and their love for London basements….

Amancio Ortega

The richest 1% own half the world's wealth - here are the 10 wealthiest people as of today

What do you need to be in the top 1%? A cool sum of $759,900 only

Sir James Dyson

How rich is Sir James Dyson?

The vaccum king has no vacuum of money in his life

Lego Man Beard

Lego enters top 100 brands. Nokia is out. Who’s on top?

Lego, Paypal and Moet and Chandon knock Gap, Nokia and Nintendo off biggest brands list

Union Jack sunglasses - Made in Britain

These are the top 20 coolest brands in Britain

The coolest brand in Britain is *drumroll please* Apple.

The Beckpack

Brand Beckham is now worth half a billion pounds  

Britain’s second most famous family (we reckon the Royals are marginally better known) is thought to be worth £470m.

Jeremy Clarkson Twitter

Jeremy Clarkson vs. Chris Evans: The battle of the petrolheads

Which one of them owns better cars and which one’s richer?

Rich money fistpump

A nation of millionaires? One in 65 UK adults is a millionaire

One in 65 UK adults is now a millionaire, Barclays’ prosperity index has revealed.

Calvin Harris

Here's how many millions the richest DJs in the world make

The bank balance of the world’s richest DJs are likely to make your bank balance look like the size of Skittles candy.

best and fastest-growing Businesses in London

Books books galore

These are the five best business books of the year

Bookworms and self-educaters, listen up. Or, rather, read up.

Dan Wagner

Dan Wagner: How Britain can produce more innovative companies

The entrepreneur explains his vision for innovation

Motorbike racing - fast growth

These are London's 20 fastest-growing tech companies

There’s good reason that politicians, economists and entrepreneurs alike all seem to be so enormously excited about the potential of technology to drive growth.

Nuclear Explosion

The 30 fastest-growing companies in London

Which of your neighbours are achieving explosive growth?

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