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Advice, insights and analysis for London businesses

Japanese toilet

Japan updates hi-tech toilets

Ever used a Japanese toilet?

Burberry store

Burberry sees sales soar due to weak pound

Good news for the retail company…


Deliveroo set to create 300 UK tech jobs

Staff will increase by a third…

EE Store front

EE fined a huge £2.7m

What happens next for the company?

For sale signs

Top tips for first-time buyers

Struggling to buy a house? Take a look at these tips…

Apple iPhone

Apple raises its App Store prices

Why the sudden hike in prices?

Plane taking off

UK inflation rate rises

Why has the inflation rate risen?

House keys

Number of London homes up for sale falls

Why aren’t there as many homes on the market?

Woman on mobile phone

Social media platforms could face “fake news” questions from MPs

Should social media be doing more to tackle the issue?


Shares in German car makers fall after comments by Trump

What will happen next for the car firms?

Sad face computer

Why January blues are hurting small businesses

What can employers do about this?

Lord Sugar

Lord sugar had to undergo heart surgery

While he was on holiday in Florida


BT records 31m nuisance calls in one week

Do you suffer with irritant calls?


Number 13 houses “are £9,000 cheaper”

Would you consider the move if it cost less?


Gender gap widens in car insurance

Why do men typically pay more?


First-time buyers hits a new high

First-time buyers are taking out longer mortgages…


Mothercare sales begin to rise

Things are looking up for the company…

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