Revealed: 10 public officials who earn more than PM's £142,500-a-year salary

There are 234 Whitehall officials earning more than the Prime Minister’s £142,500-a-year salary, figures released by Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude have shown.

The new data, released as part of a transparency drive, also shows that there are over 800 “mandarins and quangocrats” who earn over £100,000 each.

Green Investment Bank’s Ian Nolan, who is on a £330,000-a-year salary, is the highest-paid public sector official.

Francis Maude, the Cabinet Secretary, told The Telegraph: “Britain is now leading the world on transparency. We have released more data than ever before and the whole point is to allow armchair-auditors to hold our feet to the fire.

“This government is slashing costs to help the country live within its means. We have shrunk the civil service by 15% since the 2010 general election and it’s now at its smallest since World War Two.

“There are a fifth fewer people earning over £150,000 and over 250 fewer quangos than there were under Labour. It’s these sort of tough decisions which helped us save hard-working taxpayers £10bn last year, but there’s so much more that we need to do.”

Top 10 highest paid public officials

Ian Nolan - Green Investment Bank - £330,000

Shaun Kingsbury - Green Investment Bank - £325,000

Dennis Hone - Olympic Delivery Authority - £310,000

Anthony Marsh - Green Investment Bank - £275,000

Rob Cormie - Green Investment Bank - £275,000

Peter Knott - Green Investment Bank - £275,000

John Clarke - Nuclear Decommissioning Authority - £275,000

Andrew Haines - Civil Aviation Authority - £260,000

Iain Gray - Technology Strategy Board - £250,000

Alan Langlands - Higher Education Funding Council - £230,000




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