How rich is Nigel Farage?

Get your hankies ready, people: Nigel Farage claims he’s the “poorest man in politics”.

On his appearance on Channel 4’s Gogglebox programme, the UKIP leader said, “I don’t think I know anybody in politics as poor as we are.”

On the show, Farage was seen drinking away his sorrows with Dom and Steph Parker. After guzzling down champagne, beer and wine, Farage’s boozy night ended with him falling over and borrowing the host’s trousers.

But just how poor is Farage? Take a look at these photos:

Nigel Farage salary as MEP


Nigel Farage home in Kent


Nigel Farage's chauffeur allowance

Those are Farage’s socks by the way…


Farage EU office allowance


Farage's wife's salary


Farage's EU allowance

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Farage scary face




Readers' comments (17)

  • OK you got bit of nonsence off your chest - now how about an article on how the UK contributes £55 MILLION POUNDS A DAY net contributions into the EU. Or do you prefer to talk about the standard EU salaries that every MEP gets - not just Nigel

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  • Sounds like snide Nigel Bashing to me.I am not a fan but he said "in politics" , not "compared to a postman". Porn Twitter, The Sun maybe? If you wish your comments to be taken seriously, be professional.

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  • The best thing to do when you can't argue with a politician's policies is to attack the individual personally!
    Please revisit the subject and show the same details for all party leaders - I'm pretty sure that Nigel will prove to be at the bottom of the wealth rankings

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  • If he wasnt financially sound we'd hardly want him running the country. I don't really care how much money he gets paid by Europe, I care about what he and the political class are going to do about it.

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  • Anonymous

    It is a shame when your column sinks to attacking the only politician that wil save the UK from the mess it's in.

    Well done Nigel ! The more i read this kind of rubbish , more i will ensure you get enough seats in UK Parliament to kick out the cynical and spoilt elite from ALL parties that currently make our lives a misery.

    Rod Southampton

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  • Well, you've got to hand it to UKIP, haven't you? Their ability to mobilise their supporters to comment on any column that criticises their dear leader is second to none.

    Whatever his mealy mouthed yes-men say, this story exposes Farage for the liar he is.

    If he can't be trusted on this simple question, what else is he lying about?

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  • Murray - Nice one!
    You try to dismiss those who find this type of biased reporting as being in cahoots with Nigel Farage
    I can assure you that my comments are my own and not controlled by UKIP - I would never be a mouthpiece for ANY political movement
    I am no mealy-mouthed yes-man and I consider your post offensive in the extreme - I wonder why your post hasn't been censored for being offensive!
    I note you don't support the suggestion that the same treatment be given to the finances of the other senior politicians - politicians who have destroyed this country and continue to ensure it cannot rise again
    We'd then be able to judge the veracity of Nigel Farage

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  • Well said Barry - Murray C probably works for the BBC and reads The Guardian.

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  • Just about all the things you have quoted are open information that other political people receive for doing the same job. So not really sure of the point you are tying to make or perhaps its just bad journalism?

    UKIP and Farage are not people I would want to run the country, but neither would I want them to disappear as they remind us how much our other politicians are 'out of touch' with their electorate!

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  • Looking at his house, its nothing compared with those of Labour Men and Women of the People's houses. And of course they always have an excuse to send their children to private schools or shoehorn them into safe seats. Crass reporting come on UKIP well done Nigel. P.S. What about the Lords voting for better champagne!

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