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LondonlovesBusiness.com is the online newspaper for London’s business community.

We aim to bring you exciting and thought-provoking London business news, comment and culture. We talk to London’s most exciting entrepreneurs, dig deep into the issues that really matter to London’s business community, and chart the trends that are reshaping the way we live and work.

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Our wider vision is to bring together London’s most established and entrepreneurial business leaders to inspire the private and public sectors to create opportunity, further innovation and drive growth. We do this online, in print and in person.


LondonlovesBusiness.com launched on 5 September 2011. It is the second title from Casis Media, co-founded by Graham Sherren (the mastermind behind Centaur Media and all of its great titles) and Mike Bokaie (founder of Caspian Media and creator of Real Business and Real Deals Magazines).

Please visit Casis Media to find out more. You may also enjoy our sister jobs site LondonlovesJobs.com

The editorial team

Shruti Tripathi Chopra is editor.

Robyn Vinter is senior reporter

Harry Cockburn is business reporter

Rebecca Hobson is special projects editor

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