The 6 most iconic London fashion trends of the last 50 years

To mark the beginning of London Fashion Week

It could be said that Britain has contributed more to the global world of fashion than any other country. So, in honour of London Fashion Week, we look at London’s most iconic fashion trends of the last half-century.

1. Mods


Mod culture sprang up in the 1960s in metropolitan London. Mods had a smooth, sophisticated look with streamlined suits in solid colours and typically the Royal Air Force roundel (still featured heavily in clothes by Ben Sherman).

British bands such as the Beatles helped to popularise the style around the world.

Mod style was considered “urban”, and mods often fought with “rockers” in London - their more rural, leather-wearing counterparts.

Mod style evolved and carried on in other forms such as 1990s Britpop and skinhead culture.

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