We can’t help but be amused by this picture. Sorry

Forgive us for this one, it’s Friday after all

A bizarre optical illusion captured by a commuter has the internet in hysterics.

It was posted online by Reddit user “lolihull” who took the snap on the Piccadilly line last Wednesday evening.

The picture shows a man’s head on a woman’s body, caused by a reflection in the glass screen.

Photographer told the Evening Standard: “He was sitting opposite me on the fold down chairs. I was looking down at my phone and I looked up and noticed this man wearing a dress and had to do a double take.

“My reaction was to take a picture to show my friends - they thought it was funny and encouraged me to post it on Reddit.

“[The man and woman] were sitting next to each other and I had the glass partition next to me and that caused the reflection of his head onto her body.”

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