VIDEO: Alexandra Burke, the Big Issue vendor and black cabs – more moving Londoners’ stories

The second in our series from the 1000 Londoners project

A couple of weeks back, we stumbled upon a really lovely project whose aim is to tell the story of the lives of Londoners from all walks of life.

The aptly named 1000 Londoners introduces one Londoner’s story a day, though a beautifully shot video, once a week for five years.

This moving, inspiring and insightful project introduces us to the lives of everyone from X Factor winner and pop superstar Alexandra Burke, to Sara, a Spanish Big Issue vendor who has overcome a battle against heroin addiction and hopes to again work as a ventriloquist and comedy artist.

The videos are the work of social enterprise video production company Chocolate Films Ltd, and we’ll be bringing you a selection of some of the ones they’re proudest of in a regular series.

So watch this space! And watch the ones below now…

Find out more about the project: or @1000_Londoners  or

Sara - the dancing Big Issue vendor of the Strand

Sara is a Big Issue vendor from Spain, where she was a ventriloquist performer. Since moving to London she has seen several misfortunes including a dependency on heroin and involvement in abusive relationships. Now she has a positive outlook on life and is keen to establish her own career, home and happiness.

Alexandra Burke - a day in the life of the star of The Bodyguard

In June 2014, Alexandra Burke took on her first stage role, as the star the hit musical, ‘The Bodyguard’, following in the footsteps of her idol Whitney Houston.

Alexandra rose to fame after winning X-factor in 2008. She’s since had international success, releasing two major studio albums and winning several awards for her music. But there is another passion of hers beyond singing that she has kept hidden for a long time - acting.

Paul - driving James Bond, Michael Caine and his future wife in his London cab

Paul has been a London cabbie since he did the knowledge two decades ago. He’s seen tourists experience London for the first time and picked up Roger Moore and Michael Caine as they stumbled out of the World famous restaurant Langans. But one chance passenger encounter, changed Paul’s entire world forever.

Find out more about the project: or @1000_Londoners  or

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