Take a look at the amazing plans for a floating lido at Victoria Embankment

Fancy flinging yourself into the Thames for a bracing dip? Course you do. Well, now that beautiful dream is edging closer to becoming reality.

The latest plans for an ambitious project to build a floating freshwater lido at Victoria Embankment have been revealed today.

The lido, which will sit in the Thames at Victoria will be made up of three pools united on a floating platform reachable by an arm-like structure connected to the river bank.

Lido 1 wide

The vision is the product of a project called the Thames Baths, by Studio Octopi. Their plans also include another Thames lido at Blackfriars, in which the baths would be fed with river water from the Thames. However this will only get the go-ahead once the new “super sewer” is completed and the Thames is certified as being sewage free.

But the Victoria Embankment development, which will be called the Temple Baths, will sit in the Thames but will actually be filled with fresh water rather than river water.

Lido 2 wide

Studio Octopi co-director Chris Romer-Lee said the proposals could “regenerate the North Bank,” according to the Evening Standard.

“The Temple Baths could happen tomorrow and that’s quite exciting. It could even be built by next summer if we get the funding and the go-ahead.

Lido 3 wide

“Swimming in them would feel like you were swimming in the Thames without any of the danger of doing so. We want to create a controlled environment where it is safe to wild swim.

“The space could also be used for cultural events if the pools were covered over and a temporary gazebo-like roof put up. It could really transform the area and regenerate it.”

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