9 amazing things to do on Blue Monday instead of being miserable

Feeling blue?

Today is Blue Monday, the day of the year that is supposedly the most depressing, based on things like debt levels and weather conditions. And obviously the simple fact that it’s Monday.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are nine things you can do instead of being miserable today.

1. Have a burger

Or pizza, or steak, or whatever you fancy for lunch. Just ditch the healthy eating plan for today and extend your weekend. The diet starts Tuesday.

2. Go to bed early

Don’t you feel like you never get enough sleep? Go home, get into your pyjamas, cuddle a pet or a partner, have a hot chocolate and read a book or put on Netflix. Screw the haters. This is your time.

3. Spend some money

Is there a watch you’ve had your eye on? Or a pair of shoes you’ve been secretly coveting? Today is the day to treat yo’self.

4. Catch up with a friend

With our busy modern lives, it’s easy to let a friendship slide. You’ve both get so much going on that you can go months or even years without seeing an old pal. Make today the day you finally catch up with them. You might be surprised how easily you pick up where you left off.

5. Clear your head

Just putting aside 10 minutes of your day for meditation or mindfulness can be hugely beneficial to your mental health. Download an app or search YouTube for a guided mindfulness programme. Failing that, go for a run or a cycle around one of London’s lovely green spaces and clear your head.

6. Try something new

Go ice skating, get last minute gig tickets, climb a tree or ride the cable car across the Thames. Hello, this is London – you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT.

7. Give someone a hug

Hugging boosts oxytocin levels, which melts away feelings of loneliness and isolation. Holding a hug for more than 30 seconds increases serotonin, which helps create happiness. Only hug someone who wants to be hugged though – giving out unwanted hugs might lead to rejection and a broken eye socket.

8. Get dressed up

Or get your hair styled, beard trimmed or nails done. Sometimes it just feels better to look good.

9. Forget about Blue Monday

It’s a made up concept anyway, and was invented by a British holiday company in 2005.


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