How rich is Lord Sugar?

Millionaire or billionaire? We find out

Lord Sugar has a pretty big property empire, alongside his media business and, of course, the tech company he built “out of the back of a van” Amstrad – but where does all his money come from?

According to the Sunday Times Rich List, Lord Sugar is a billionaire with an estimated fortune of £1.4bn, making him the 101st richest person in the UK in the 2015 rankings.

Lord Sugar

He’s five times richer than the Queen.


Amstrad, the tech company Lord Sugar founded was worth £1.2bn in 1986, however when he sold it to BSkyB in 2007, it went for just (!) £125m.

It seems, though he’s a successful businessman and TV personality, property has been the biggest contributor to his fortune.


Lord Sugar owns property company Amsprop which this year sold the Sugar Building for £80m, making £50m profit on the sale.

Lord Sugar's home

He also sold the Burberry building on Haymarket for £65m, more than double the £31.5m it spent buying the building two years ago.

Amsprop, which is run by Lord Sugar’s son Daniel, owns fancy apartments in Mayfair which are rumoured to be worth £7m to £10m each.

He has a mansion and Turkish restaurant in Chigwell, Essex.

He also owns two private jets worth a total of £33.5m and a fleet of luxury cars.

Pretty sweet.


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