10 crazy facts about artificial intelligence

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I don’t know about you but I find technology fascinating… I do like a good tech story! So, I thought I’d put together ten crazy facts about artificial intelligence (AI).

1. Most AI is “female”, this is because studies suggest people prefer the sound of a female voice. For example, think of Siri and Google Now.

2. Automonous vehicles rely on AI to recognise and adapt to driving conditions, these types of cars are currently being tested and could be on the roads by 2020.

3. Some robots can actually socialise, a robot called Kismet was built in the 1990s and can interact by recognising human body language and tone of voice.

4. Alan Turing was a huge influencer on AI in the 1950s. He published a paper called Computing Machinery and Intelligence, where he tried to figure out whether a machine could win what he called “The Imitation Game,” The test had a computer try and figure out the genders of two players.

5. By the end of 2018 it will be possible for customer digital assistants to recognise people by face and voice.

6. A whopping 85 per cent of customer interactions won’t require human customer service reps by the end of this decade.

7. By 2018 more than 3 million workers globally will be supervised by a so called “robo-boss”.

8. An estimated 2 million workers will have to wear fitness trackers whilst working on the job, by 2018.

9. AI will replace 16 per cent of jobs over the next decade.

10. Huge firms are beginning to invest money into AI, for example Microsoft invested in a 5,000+ AI team.

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