Yorkshire Tea storms 2015 business buzz rankings. But which audacious duo bagged the top spots?

Here are the top ten brands overall and the top ten most improved brands

The UK’s favourite brands of 2015 have been revealed, and the big news is that on the whole, the UK is desperately uncool. We like grocery shopping, kicking back with some catch-up TV, having a cup of tea, and then maybe doing some vacuuming.

YouGov has announced its 2015 BrandIndex Buzz score rankings, and the most interesting development is that Yorkshire Tea has made a surprise new entry to the list.

The rankings are generated by asking people about their perceptions of companies across the year. They are asked whether they have heard good news or bad news about the brand over the last fortnight.

Budget German supermarket chains Aldi and Lidl are sitting pretty in first and second places respectively – the same positions they held last year.

The top ten:

1 Aldi - 19.7

2 Lidl - 17.5

3 BBC iPlayer - 13.5

4 John Lewis -12.1

5 Dyson - 11.6

6 Marks & Spencer - 11.2

7 Yorkshire Tea - 10.1

8 YouTube - 9.7

9 MoneySavingExpert.com -9.4

10 Apple/Waitrose - 9.0

YouGov BrandIndex UK Director Sarah Murphy said: “Aldi and Lidl hold the top two spots in our rankings for the second year in a row but their marketing strategies have evolved over the past 12 months.

Yorkshire Tea are clearly over the moon about finding themselves in the list.

Kevin Sinfield, head of brand marketing at the tea company said: “To see Yorkshire Tea in YouGov’s list of the top 10 UK brands for 2015 is a huge, huge compliment. We do things properly at Taylors of Harrogate so we put the same amount of passion into building genuine connections with our drinkers, as we do into our teas. We believe we’ve made it on the list because we’ve focused our communications on our values and what we stand for, and it feels like more and more people want to be a part of that.”

YouGov also rates the “most improved” companies of the year too.

After a catastrophic 2014, the Co-operative Bank scored highest as it managed to get back on track during 2015.

Here is the top ten most improved list, with last year’s score, this year’s score, and the change in score that has propelled them up the list:

1 Co-operative Bank-1.4-15.7-(14.4)

2 Wonga-20.6-32.0-(11.4)

3 British Gas-3.2-10.2-(7.0)

4 The Co-operative - 2.7-3.7-(6.4)

5 Royal Bank of Scotland-8.8-15.1- (6.3)

6 Co-operative Insurance-0.5-5.6 - (6.1)

7 Lloyds Bank-1.0-7.0 - (6.0)

8 Ryanair-6.8-12.7-(5.9)

9 Tesco-12.0-17.5-(5.5)

10 Barclays-5.4-10.6- (5.2)

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