UKIP suspends golden girl Suzanne Evans in “vendetta” row

Evans broke party rules, according to UKIP

Suzanne Evans, the former spokesperson who was once billed the next leader of UKIP, has been suspended from the party for six months.

UKIP banned Evans over allegations of breaking party rules.

UKIP donor Arron Banks alleged Evans and other members of UKIP led a coup against Nigel Farage.

However, Evans, who was Farage’s first choice of successor when he resigned as leader for three days last year, denies the claims.

Evans sought a High Court injunction today, to stop the party banning her, claiming some people in the party had a “vendetta” against her.

She said: “What I can only describe as the vendetta against me began shortly after Farage’s ‘un-resignation’ when, on 14th May 2015, without any warning or logical reason, UKIP donor Arron Banks, falsely accused me, Douglas Carswell MP and Patrick O’Flynn MEP of taking part in a ‘coup’ attempt against the Leader.

“Mr Banks said we should all be sacked. I found this astonishing why would any political party want to sack its sole MP and two good spokespeople on a cook up charge?

“In any case, there was absolutely no truth whatsoever in Mr Bank’s allegations against me, but it was difficult not to conclude that he was acting with the authority of somebody near the top of the party, if not the very top, to push the false allegations.”

She alleged Raheem Kassam, a former aide of Farage, was using a blog he ran to spearhead “a series of vitriolic attacks against me personally”.

UKIP has not responded to these claims.

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