The EU is at risk from the migration crisis, according to the French PM

But borders shouldn’t be closed

The number of refugees arriving in Europe is putting the concept of the EU at risk, according to the French prime minister.

Speaking to the BBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Manuel Valls called for urgent action on border control.

Valls said not everyone fleeing war in Iraq or Syria should be welcomed into Europe.

He added closing the borders would “destabilise” societies and endanger “the whole European project”.

“It means that first of all you have to find a solution in Syria and Iraq. And you have to destroy Daesh.

“You need a political process and there it will take time for Syria.”

He called for purpose-built reception facilities in Lebanon and Turkey for current refugees fleeing from violence where they can be registered and approved or denied asylum.

Already this year, 35,000 refugees have come to Europe, and this number is expected to increase going into the spring.



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