Some universities are going to be allowed to increase fees even more – here’s why

Tuition fees are going to go up even more

Despite charging what some might consider stomach-churningly high fees already, it seems some universities are going to be allowed to increase them further still.

Universities minister Jo Johnson published a consultation into the raft of measures which will allow those universities that offer better teaching and have higher future earnings for graduates to raise their fees above competitors.

One in three undergraduates who are paying up to £9,000 a year already think their course represents “very poor, or poor, value for money” according to The National Student Survey.

Johnson said those universities which provide good teaching will be able to increase fees, while those which don’t will have their fees cut.

He told the FT: “In any market, for it truly to function properly, you have to have the scope for market shares to shift and for people to choose to stop offering courses and ultimately also, if they decide so, to quit the sector altogether.”

Julia Goodfellow, president of vice-chancellor body Universities UK, welcomed the recognition of high quality teaching but added: “…we must ensure that this exercise is not an additional burden for those teaching in our universities and that it provides useful information for students, parents, and employers.”


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