London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith backs Brexit

The Conservative MP for Richmond has followed Boris’s example

Recent opinion polls show that London is one of the most pro-EU areas of the entire country, with 73% saying they support Britain’s membership of the union.

So has Zac Goldsmith risked “electoral suicide”, by following Boris’s example and backing a Brexit?

Goldsmith is going to have to begin pointing out the differences between himself and Boris soon, as his campaign has been more about praising Boris’s eight years in office than it has about thinking of new policies to transform London.

His decision to only back a Brexit after Boris’s announcement also looks as though he is having trouble coming up with his own ideas.

Goldsmith’s main rival in the race to City Hall, Sadiq Khan, is firmly pro-EU, as are the other main contestants in the race – the Green Party’s Siân Berry and the Lib Dems’ Caroline Pidgeon.

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