Labour attacks Tories on NHS, parodying Thatcher's 1979 dole queue election poster

The Labour party’s new poster looks a bit familiar doesn’t it?

Labour has launched a new poster ahead of next month’s general election. Parodying the Conservative’s poster used in Margaret Thatcher’s successful 1979 campaign, it highlights Labour’s intention to fight the election with a focus on the NHS.

According to the party, the number of GP surgeries open in the evenings and on weekends has fallen by 600 since the coalition government came to power in 2010.

Andy Burnham, Labour’s shadow health secretary, said: “At the last election, David Cameron promised to open GP surgeries seven days a week but the reality is that millions more patients are unhappy.

“One of Cameron’s first acts as Prime Minister was to cut Labour’s extended opening hours scheme and scrap our guarantee of an appointment within 48 hours.”

Labour poster Conservatives 1979

The original 1979 poster by Saatchi &Saatchi

But the Conservatives have rejected Labour’s figures, saying that they are a year out of date.

“Labour’s figures are wrong”, Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, said.  

“The Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund already covers 1,100 practices and helps 7.5 million patients see a GP in the evenings and at weekends. We are extending this scheme to cover over 1,400 additional practices, helping 10 million extra people by this time next year,” he added.

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  • Anonymous

    Would it not be better to do something about the people who fail to turn up for their appointments resulting in delays for people who need to see their GP? The scale of no-shows is staggering and it would be beneficial of people had to pay to see their GP as happens in Jersey and most of the world. This would sift out the time wasters and free up the appointment register for those genuinely in need. The prescription could then be abolished. It is a fact of life that people do not value what they have not paid for and seeing their GP is no different.

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