EU referendum: 80% of CBI members support EU membership

A new survey for the CBI shows overwhelming business support for EU

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The UK’s largest business lobbying group, the CBI, has said that 80% of members it polled for a new survey said they want Britain to remain in the EU.

The CBI asked nearly 800 businesses for their stance on the forthcoming referendum and found that the majority felt that Britain’s membership of the EU was “better for business, jobs and prosperity”.

CBI director general Caroline Fairbairn said: “The message from our members is resounding - most want the UK to stay in the EU because it is better for their business, jobs and prosperity.

“Walking away makes little economic sense and risks throwing away the many benefits we gain from being part of the EU.”

However, the CBI said it would not align itself with either the in or out campaigns.

Of the 773 businesses the CBI polled, just 5% said they thought Britain would be better outside the EU, while 15% said they were unsure.

Fairbairn added: “A minority of members want to leave the EU. We will continue to respect and reflect their views and campaign for EU reform to get a better deal for all businesses.

“However, most CBI members are unconvinced that alternatives to full membership would offer the same opportunities. We have yet to see those who seek to leave the EU present a compelling vision of what this would mean for jobs and growth.”

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