Brexit Obama: US President to say leaving EU would jeopardise special relationship

Obama arrives in UK amid EU referendum wrangling

Obama I cant hear you

“What’s that Brexiters? I can’t hear you!”

Barack Obama will arrive in Britain today amid growing clamour over the United States influence on the UK’s European Union referendum.

Obama is expected to deliver a speech urging the UK to remain in the EU, or risk jeopardising the so-called special relationship with the US.

Obama and his wife Michelle are also having lunch with the Queen tomorrow, as part of the monarch’s 90th birthday celebrations.

But it is the president’s EU interventions that have got Eurosceptics hot and bothered.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage recently said he thinks Obama is “the most anti-British American president there has ever been”.

And yesterday a letter from a group of eight former US Treasury secretaries, which said a Brexit was “a risky bet”, was published in the Times to a hostile reception from the Leave campaign.

Prime Minister David Cameron is clearly hoping the glamour of Obama’s support will rub off on the Remain camp.

On Wednesday Cameron said: “This decision is a decision for the British people and the British people alone.”

But he added: “Personally I believe we should listen to advice and I struggle to find the leader of any friendly country who thinks we should leave”.

The infighting among Conservatives has riven the party, but Labour has become increasingly vocal in supporting the Remain campaign.

Hilary Benn, the shadow foreign secretary, said: “The USA is a really important ally and one of our most important strategic and economic partners, so we should take what President Obama has to say seriously. The reason why the leave campaign are trying to attack him is because they fear what he might say about the UK’s place in the EU. The fact that there isn’t a single country wanting us to leave, apart probably from Russia, says a lot about the importance of membership to our future.”

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