Boris takes a dig at Theresa May's leather trousers

What did he say?

Former London mayor Boris Johnson has taken a dig at Theresa May suggesting that the Prime Minister wears lederhosen.

Speaking at the Foreign Office’s Christmas party at Lancaster House in central London, Johnson said: We are so cosmopolitan that we drink more champagne, buy more German cars than anyone else and our wonderful Prime Minister wears lederhosen.

The Foreign Secretary also joked that he wanted to “export” Nigel Farage to America after president-elect Donald Trump said that he wanted him to be the next US ambassador.

He said:  “I would say to the great ambassadors and high commissioners here tonight, that when you come to write your truthful and accurate diptels [diplomatic telegrams], I hope you will recall some of the enthusiasm and confidence of this new government.

“We managed to export Nigel Farage to America, but not in a diplomatic fashion.”

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