VIDEO: Plane forced to make emergency landing in London after part of wing falls off

Picture this: you’re buzzing as you get on the plane, excited about all the wonderful things you’re going to do on your trip to Italy. You find your seat, the cabin crew go through the safety procedures and, with a long rev of the engines, the plane takes off. You pick up your magazine, flicking through the pages while you munch on the chocolate biscuits you bought in the airport. Dreamily, you gaze out of the window, seeing the patchwork carpet of fields with specs of houses thousands of feet below. Wait, what’s that big chunk of metal hanging off the aeroplane?!

Even those who claim not to be scared of flying (everyone’s a bit scared, right?) would feel a flutter of butterflies seeing half the plane’s wing hanging off mid-flight.

That’s exactly what happened to horrified passengers on a CityJet flight from London City Airport to Florence yesterday.

After spotting it out of the window, passengers alerted crew members, and the plane circled the Thames Estuary and landed safely back at London City.

All 60 passengers were safe - if a little shaken, we’d imagine.

Imagine seeing this out of the window just after take-off:

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