New hydrogen-fuelled London cabs only emit water, and it’s good enough to drink

The future of cabs is here, and it’s green and clean

Toyota Mirai

A Toyota Mirai at a motor show in 2015

Almost all of London’s black cabs run on diesel, producing some of the most poisonous gasses in the air.

There are already measures in place to end the dependence on diesel, including rules to ensure new models of black cabs will be able to run on an electric battery from 2018.

But some even greener vehicles are already in operation. London’s Green Tomato Cars, have introduced two Toyota Mirai vehicles to their fleet, which run on hydrogen, and emit only pure water.

The firm, which puts the environment at the top of its agenda, was also the first cab company to only use hybrid vehicles.

The new cars run on hydrogen gas stored in tanks and also have a back-up battery for conventional electric power.

They have a 300 mile range, and refilling the tanks takes under five minutes. However, at the moment there are just two refuelling station in London. One at Hatton Cross, and another in Hendon.

Josh Greedy, marketing director at Green Tomato Cars told the evening Standard: “A key part of our brand DNA, since we were founded in 2006, has been the environment and being the most eco-friendly passenger car service.”

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  • Green Tomato Cars has to be worth supporting when you need a cab, and the more who support such enterprises the faster other cabbies will convert their vehicles- ie go where the fares are. As a cyclist, the big problem is in climbing steep hills-but not for the reason you think! Ask any cyclist and breathing in the fumes emitted by a black cab struggling to climb the hill (especially an older one with worn engine) as well as the innumerable (older) diesel vans more prevalent at this time of year with internet deliveries of goods, whilst you are having to breath more frequently to provide the energy for the climb-now THAT is unpleasant. The faster diesel can be removed from our cities entirely-the better for us all.

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  • The green cabs themselves may be 100% green but the electricity to charge batteries and to extract hydrogen from the atmosphere is not green. The pollution is merely moved to where the generating plant is.
    Forget the guff about windmills and solar panels' minuscule amounts that only produce when the wind blows and the sun shines.

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