Jubilee Line crush sparks panic attacks during morning commute

Overcrowding meant people were trapped underground for up to 30 minutes

Jubilee line crush

Jubilee line crush, image via Twitter

Signalling problems on the Jubilee Line meant delays caused dangerous levels of overcrowding this morning.

Commuters claimed they were trapped in queues for over half an hour, and that more than one panic attack occurred.

Crowd control measures were brought in to deal with the numbers of people at Canada Water, North Greenwich and Waterloo Station.

One commuter named Sinead, who was trapped in the crush tweeted: “Panic attacks and dangerous overcrowding on the Jubilee Line, will be surprised if no one got seriously hurt, shame on TfL.”

Speaking to the Evening Standard, she later added: “People struggled to get on or off the trains and the closer you got to the train doors the more you started to get crushed.”

Here are some of the images Twitter users posted this morning:


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