Holborn Tube’s “standing only” escalator experiment falls flat on first day

Londoners ignore new rules

Using a great big moving staircase underground is great fun and all Londoners love riding around on escalators.

Currently the two most popular ways of enjoying a ride on the escalator include standing and walking.

But at Holborn, one of London’s busiest Tube stations, a trial is in place to stop people walking.

Instead of the traditional “stand on the right” signs which all Londoners are indoctrinated with, there are new directions including printed footprints, telling Londoners to change the habit of a lifetime and also stand on the left.

The trial began this morning, and Londoners largely ignored the signs and carried on standing on the right and walking on the left just as usual.

According to TfL, if Londoners do change their escalator habits it could make for increased efficiencies of up to 30%.

Good luck everyone.

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