Fresh wave of SEVEN Tube Strikes to hit London as RMT union hits out at “basic safety issues”

RMT cites “anarchy and uncertainty” among members over “lethal” changes to track access

London is already set to endure one Tube Strike this weekend, but there could be many more on the way. The Rail, Maritime and Transport union, which is already staging a walkout over Tube ticket office closures, has now said it will stage as many as seven walkouts over “basic safety issues”.

The first of the new wave of strikes is set to begin next Friday at 6.30am and will last for 24-hours.

Then the strike action will continue in a series of walkouts lasting until June.

RMT said the strike action concerns 1,500 maintenance staff worried about “basic safety issues”.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “Nobody should dare to underestimate the severe impact on track safety that the changes bulldozed through by London Underground have unleashed and which have forced our members to take a prolonged period of industrial action to protect both themselves and their colleagues.

“From a situation where everyone knew how to access the track, we now have anarchy and uncertainty. Into this mix we have engineering train movements that we believe will lead to someone being killed and this union will not sit back and wait for a disaster to happen.

“These ill-conceived and lethal changes to track access must be reversed. RMT remains available for talks.”

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