Bank cyclist death: Politicians aren’t tackling dangerous roads quickly enough, says Jenny Jones

The London Assembly member tells us delays are causing injuries and deaths

London’s lethal roads are not being tackled quickly enough, according to Green Party London Assembly member Jenny Jones.

Hundreds of cyclists flooded the junction this morning from 8.30am in protest of the city’s treacherous roads after a 26-year-old woman became the eighth cyclist to die this year after being struck by a lorry on the junction at Bank on Monday.


“Ridiculous” delays cause deaths

Jones was among the protesters. She told “Every cycling death makes me angrier about the delays in changing London’s danger hotspots.

“Every year that we fail to make a dangerous junction safe, is another year of potential injury and death on London’s roads. It is ridiculous that the City of London can decide in 2014 that they are going to do something and then it is four or five years, at earliest, before Bank Junction is actually rebuilt.

“This is the same pattern across London, with cyclists being killed or seriously injured on roads that the politicians and engineers know need to be rebuilt.”

The protest was organised by the London Cycling Campaign which said people were “gathering to remember the victim and highlight the need for safe space for cycling; not just at this location, but across London”.


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