The world’s top 10 richest football clubs revealed

Real Madrid has just been the named the world’s richest football club thanks to its €577m wealth pile.

The club has topped Deloitte’s Football Money League of the world’s richest football clubs for the 11th consecutive year.

In the 2014-15 season, the football club saw its revenues rise to €577m (£439m).

The combined revenues of the wealthiest football clubs have risen 8% to a record €6.6bn (£5.1bn).

Take a look at the world’s top 10 richest football clubs:

1. Real Madrid: €577m

2. Barcelona: €560.8m

3. Man Utd: €519.5m

4. Paris Saint Germain; €480.8m

5. Bayern Munich: €474m

6. Manchester City: €463.5m

7. Arsenal: €435.5m

8. Chelsea: €420m

9. Liverpool: €391.8m

10. Juventus: €323.9m


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