SNOW! It’s finally happening in London

Here’s when and where to expect it

No matter how much disruption it can cause to our daily lives, there’s something profoundly exciting about a spell of snow.

Over the last few months, many of us have been waiting for a “proper” winter and, while our counterparts in the north have had several blankets of snow, there has been not a sausage for London.

That is, until now.

Tomorrow will see Londoners brace themselves for a snowstorm, as the afternoon is set to bring a sudden rush of snow, which is likely to be gone by midday Saturday.

While the snow might be brief, the Met Office has issued a warning to drivers about the risk of icy roads.

The Met Office said: “A mix of rain, sleet and snow associated with a frontal band is expected to push south across southern parts of England and Wales through Friday afternoon and evening, before clearing by the early hours of Saturday.

“Snow will be predominantly confined to the higher ground above 200-400m with perhaps 1-2cm accumulating here.

“At lower levels this will be mainly rain and sleet but may turn briefly to snow in heavier outbreaks of precipitation.

“As this front clears south through the evening there is potential for widespread black ice to form quickly on road surfaces and pavements.

“Please be aware of the potential for difficult driving conditions and for some travel disruption during the Friday evening rush hour and overnight into Saturday morning.”

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