Parsons Green terror attack: Police have identified a suspect and ISIS says IED shows ‘weakness’ in UK security

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It has been reported Friday afternoon, that the Metropolitan police have identified a suspect by using CCTV footage.

The manhunt for the bomber is focusing on CCTV footage of the five stops prior to Parsons Green, these stops are, Wimbledon, Wimbledon Park, Southfields, East Putney, Putney Bridge and then Parsons Green where the explosion happened.

It has also been reported that ISIS said Friday morning, that this attack demonstrates a” weakness” in Britain’s security.

An intelligence organisation, SITE Intel Group posted on Twitter: “As #ISIS supporters celebrate news on #LondonExplosion, one remarked that the incident demonstrates “weakness” in UK security.”

ISIS terrorists and their supporters are rejoicing at hearing the news of the Parsons Green tube explosion.

22 people were taken to four hospitals across London, most were mainly taken to Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

Experts have said the bomb is basic and unsophisticated, the bomb was in a white bucket placed inside a Lidl freezer bag, with wires that look like Christmas fairy lights, these can easily be used as fuse or detonator.

Security sources have confirmed that the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) had a timer, it is believed that the bomber had left the bag on the train before they fled.




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