Parsons Green terror attack: Police arrest a second man over tube bomb, find 15 guns and another bomb

Here’s what happened

Police have arrested a 21-year old man in Hounslow, in connection with Friday’s tube bomb in Parsons Green, they are searching a house in Hounslow.

Forensic teams were also searching a house in Stanwell, just yards away from Heathrow Airport.

A cordon was put in place Sunday afternoon, around the house, residents we told by the police to stay in their homes.

Saturday morning, police arrested an 18-year old in the Port of Dover as he was trying to flee the country, he is now in custody in a London police station.

It has been revealed that the 18-year old was known by police, he was arrested just two weeks ago at Parsons Green tube station.

It has been alleged by neighbours in Surrey that police recovered 15 guns under the floor boards, another bomb was found in the garden, as 60 residents were told to leave their homes.

A neighbour, called Carrie, said: “I was speaking to a police officer and asking him what was going on and how long we would be out of our house. 

“He said he could not say but pointed to one of his colleagues and said he might know.

“I asked him and he told me they had found 15 firearms at the house and a bomb in the garden. It doesn’t feel real any of this.”

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