The fattest cats: Here are the 10 highest-earning FTSE 100 bosses

Who earns a whopping £43m a year?

Today is the day FTSE 100 bosses have already earned the equivalent of the average annual UK salary this year. It’s been labelled Fat Cat Tuesday by the High Pay Centre.

But who earns the most? The High Pay Centre also releases the list of the 10 highest-earning FTSE 100 bosses every year and it turns out, they earned a staggering £156.7m between them in 2014.

We’ll be due another in spring 2016, but for now here’s the 2015 list, which covers the bosses’ 2014 pay.

Take a look at the top 10 highest-paid FTSE 100 CEOs:

1. Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP

Pay: £43m

2. Ben van Beurden, CEO, Royal Dutch Shell

Pay: £19.5m

3. Erik Engstrom, CEO, Reed Elsevier

Pay: £16.2m

4. Peter Long, CEO, Tui Travel

Pay: £13.3m

5. Tidjane Thiam, CEO, Prudential

Pay: £11.8m

6. Antonio Horta-Osorio, CEO, Lloyds Banking Group

Pay: £11.5m

7. Rakesh Kapoor, CEO, Reckitt Benckiser

Pay: £11.2m

8. Ian Gorham, CEO, Hargreaves Lansdown

Pay: £10.6m

9. Don Robert, CEO, Experian

Pay: £10.2m

10. Bob Dudley, CEO, BP

Pay: £9.3m



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