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Harry Cockburn: Smartphones are conduits for misery. Why can’t we put them down?


The smartphone must be in the same league as the wheel and the discovery of fire in its effect on our behaviour and opportunities we have access to ... This article stopped me in three places by the use of these phrases .. 1) ... constant engagement with devices means we spend less and less time thinking for ourselves. 2) There is real fear of doing “nothing”. 3) .... the sheer failure of imagination which a significant proportion of us exhibit I think they sum up the problem very well..... put simply we confuse activity with action .... and as not many of us have plans or goals further than the end of the day or the party we are planning for the weekend , we bounce along like a ball in a pin-ball machine being run by everyone else agenda's. And we are not encouraged to think for ourselves . All this fashionable rubbish about team players and group decisions is mostly that ; rubbish. Employees (as opposed to those running businesses who are pushed around by a whole load of other groups like banks , VAT office and HMRC etc etc ...) are not in ANY way encouraged to use their imagination or be autonomous .... Heaven forbid their employers ACTUALLY have to engage and discuss matters with them - how inefficient ! Like the TV ,treat the smartphone with care. TURN IT OFF regularly or leave it downstairs or in a drawer..... You cannot be available 24/7 .... 'pencil in' some 'me' time . . I hear often the phrase 'chillin ' ..' which is used for wasting time when you haven't thought how to use it for yourself and for your own good .... The MOST precious thing along with your health is your time - it is irreplaceable. Whilst spontanaeity in action is wonderful and is the source of many of the best moments in one's life, I have found that consciously taking time to clear my mind , allows my mind to integrate all the knowledge it has been bombarded with . I personally use some of the wonderful audios that help meditation (no it is NOT Boring but refreshing !) .... in doing so ,I solve many seemingly impossible problems much more easily and experience many more AHA moments ! Exercise (running / swimming ) ; listening to music (loud or soft) or reading a FICTION e-book / book or listening to an audiobook .... are just as great to switch off that over-used brain and let it integrate what it has absorbed... Great article .. Rod (Southampton)

Posted date

Fri, 15 Aug 2014

Posted time

2:46 pm


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