We said we wanted more homes in London and it looks like we might actually get them

New rules announced by George Osborne this week mean there could be houses popping up all over the capital

The government will now be able to seize disused brownfield land to build new homes – a measure announced as part of a package of plans to make building on brownfield sites easier.

Osborne has also announced changes to planning permission, so that brownfield sites are granted automatic planning permission and can also be fast-tracked.

The government hopes it will mean less building on Green Belt land, however, critics have said there may not be enough brownfield sites available to meet growing demand for housing.

Fixing the Foundations, the report which contains the chancellor’s new plans, comes as a 90-page document released today and billed as the second half of Wednesday’s budget.

It also includes policies on trade, higher education, transport and devolution of powers to cities.


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