Watch this daredevil ride a motorbike through a multi-million pound London mansion

Is he going to fall off the roof? That’s basically all you want to know when watching this video of Christ Northover, a motorcycle stuntman, as he rides around the house on Billionaires’ Row.

Thankfully he was given permission to perform the impressive tricks in the derelict Grade II-listed property. The owner, Foxton’s founder Jonathan Hunt, was happy for Northover to tear around the mansion, leaving tyre marks in his wake.

Northover told the media the roof stunts in particular were “terrifying”.

He said: “The jumps in between the window boxes on the roof were definitely the scariest, but I’d practised the distance between the gaps on the floor beforehand.

“The hardest bit was the jump through the skylight on the rope. I’m used to doing bike stunts and it was the first time I’d tried something like that.

“This is the first real ‘urban’ stunt I’ve done in such a location, but we’ve done some other performances in a derelict farm and we’ve got one planned for an aeroplane graveyard in the midlands.”


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