Nosey Nation: Survey reveals over a third of us check out the value of other people’s property

Take a look at the figures…

A new survey suggests that 36 per cent of Brits check out the value of their friend’s property!

Estate Agents, Keatons surveyed 2,000 home owners in the UK to find out what the Brits knowledge is when it comes to property values.

Many are checking out the property value of friends, neighbours and family member’s homes, this could be out of sheer curiosity, however it also shows just how nosy the nation can be when it comes to other people’s money…

According to the research men are more likely to check out the competition, regionally 44 per cent of those living in the East Midlands are looking at neighbour’s property prices, this is followed by those in the North West at 41 per cent and 39 per cent of those in the South East.

Those living in the East are the least interested, with only 24 per cent looking at the value of their neighbours homes.

So, what’s the knowledge like when it comes to our own property? 53 per cent know how much their property is worth.

Many of those surveyed were pretty optimistic when it came to house prices, 32 per cent believed the value of their property would go up this year. This is despite Brexit looming over the country.

The most positive were those living in the East of England.

A Keatons spokesperson said: “It’s a very British thing, to be preoccupied with property and prices,”

“An Englishman’s home is his castle, after all! It’s important to keep an eye on values, though; that way you know when the right time to move, or improve, might be.”

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