Multimillionaire Tory donor's plans for mega-basement under £20m London home rejected

Multimillionaire Conservative Party donor Edmund Lazarus’s plans to build a mega basement under his £20m Holland Park home have been binned – thanks to a pair of trees.

The Standard reports that Kensington & Chelsea council has rejected plans to build a triple-decker basement as building it would have meant breaking roots of trees.

Lazarus, who was appointed chairman of the Tory Party’s £100m London Green Fund, planned to include a 25m pool, an entertainment room, a wine cellar, a cigar room, massage rooms, a two-level gym, a dance/yoga studio, plus a hot tub, sauna and steam rooms.

Jonathan Bore, executive director, Kensington & Chelsea council, said: “The impact of development on the health, stability, appearance and longevity of high quality trees on and near the site would be such that the character and appearance of the property and the Holland Park Conservation Area would be harmful altered.”

The other problem with the basement plans is that Lazarus is liable to contribute £900,000 towards affordable housing. However, he and his wife Carol argue that they shouldn’t be made to pay that amount.

Edmund and Carol Lazarus bought the home in 2010 for £16.2m. They can now either abandon their plans or appeal the council’s decision.

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