London outraged over spikes in the ground to deter homeless people

Metal spikes used to deter homeless people from sleeping outside buildings have provoked anger among Londoners.

People reacted furiously on Twitter after pictures emerged of the spikes outside a luxury apartment block in Southwark.

Anti homeless spikes

A petition calling on mayor Boris Johnson to have all anti-homeless spikes removed from London has already attracted more than 4,000 signatures since it was started at the weekend.


What do you think about the anti-homeless spikes? Should they be banned? Leave your comments below…

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Readers' comments (3)

  • Re above comments:If it was the outside of my flat being urinated on vandalised or if their children being exposed to open drug taking perhaps they would change their minds: It isn't mine either but I have volunteered to help these people and some of them do this type of anti-social behaviour, many however do deserve a help back onto societies ladder.

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  • I assume that all the people outraged by this have taken at least one homeless person into their home or have made them welcome and comfortable in their front porch/entrance lobby!
    Otherwise, of course, this expression of outrage could be interpreted as hypocrisy and I'm sure that all these charitable people wouldn't be guilty of such dishonest behaviour

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  • Anonymous

    Homeless people should sleep in shelters which should be provided by the State . There should be a legal right to turn up at a Police station and be taken to a shelter.

    Are you going to campaign on that ? Or are you prepared to pay an extra 'homeless person' tax to provide such shelters ?

    I doubt it .... just another noisy , unthinking and ineffective media mob doing nothing to improve their culture but opening their uncontrollable larynx's with the belief that they have some kind of relevance to the society they are supposed to be part of and care for ..

    We have just had the 70th Aniversary of D-day landings that gave you noisy, ineffective pople the right to moan .... with the lives that were given , would you not think that there goes the responsibility of actually DOING SOMETHING to make your society a better place to the aged and the poor and the down-and-outs that need a helping hand ...

    Absolutely no person should be allowed to sleep outside property without exception. Like squatters, they should be completely removed.

    It sickens me to hear this wallowing in Political Correctness. If you have never offered money or your home to a homeless person you have ZERO right to comment.

    Everyone is SO busy watching their soap or X Factor or downing another vast glass of wine that the fate of homeless or poor people or old people never crosses their mind unless theyare prodded by the media machine to look as if they care .

    NIMBY's and HYPOCRITES . It's what the UK does very well indeed.... but , I guess what might do the trick is if we star you very 'righteous' people on your own TV show .... let's have a 'Homeless person in Need' weekend with lots of vastly overfed and overpaid TV 'stars' donating their expensive self-centered time for free ...

    Just a thought ..... and far more effective than wasting Boris's time ....


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