Four out of five Londoners feel the capital is gripped by a housing crisis

Four out of five Londoners (82%) feel that the capital is suffering a housing crisis.

Almost half of the 1,000 Londoners polled by Ipsos Mori said that a lack of homes at affordable prices or soaring rents is the main reason for the crisis.

London Mayor Boris Johnson has promised to provide 100,000 new low-cost homes by 2016. But the Greater London Authority figures show that just 2,235 new affordable homes funded by the Mayor were completed in the eight months from April to November.

Roger Harding, campaigns director at Shelter, said: “Too many of us are already paying the price in crippling rent and mortgage payments, and [we have] a property ladder that’s never seemed more out of reach.

“Things will be even tougher for the next generation unless the Mayor gets a grip on this problem now.”

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