Forget Battersea Power Station! Lots Road Power Station is London’s latest exciting project

Have your heard of Lots Road Power Station? It resembles a smaller brother to Battersea Power Station, with two chimneys instead of four, and stands on the north side of the river on Chelsea Embankment.

The power station, which was built in 1904 to supply electricity to the London Underground, stopped operating in 2002, and since then has just been standing there begging to become something useful.

This month it is to be unveiled as a major new luxury housing development, with 706 homes being built to begin with, along with water gardens, three bridges over Chelsea Creek, and a 660-yard riverside promenade.

Prices for the flats will begin at £1.7m.

Lots Road Power Station 2

Ed Lewis, of estate agents Savills, said to the Evening Standard: “This is an opportunity for people to live in Chelsea without having a busy road, such as Chelsea Embankment, between their homes and the river.”

The power station occupies an eight acre site, and will benefit from the new east-west cycle superhighway currently being revamped.

The second phase of the development will see two skyscrapers, 260 more flats and a covered market with shops and stalls.

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