Endless City - a new London skyscraper that could house an entire city

A skyscraper that can house an entire city? It’s possible.

Architects SURE Architecture have proposed designs for a 300m London skyscraper that would come with homes, schools, shopping districts, parking, green spaces, housing and entertainment.

Endless City

Called the “Endless City”, the skyscraper won the first prize in an international SkyScrapers and SuperSkyScrapers competition.

Endless City

The building will have intertwining ramps that will connect business, shopping, entertainment and residential areas. The shape of the building will reduce the need for artificial light and cooling and heating expenses.

Endless City

Alina Valcarce, associate director of SURE Architecture, said: “There is no break any more between street level and the skyscraper, nor between the skyscraper floors themselves. The goal is to conceive an open building that is as effective as it is inviting, and a powerful symbol in all directions while being permeated by generosity and openness.”

Pictures: SURE Architecture

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