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Crazy cost of London living: you pay TWICE as much rent as rest of UK

Mon, 28 Jul 2014

The London property market has escalated to new heights of ridiculousness, as new research reveals that residential rent in the capital is twice as expensive as in the rest of the UK.

Houses for sale

These figures show how young people are being priced out of the housing marketVideo

Tue, 22 Jul 2014

The number of young people buying houses in the UK fell to a record low of 3% of sales in June.Video:

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London residential property advice

Hampstead home

Alessio Rastani: 3 troubling charts for real estate investors

Is now the right time to invest in property?

Traffic in Central London

Shruti Tripathi: 5 reasons prime central London property is on the decline

For years prime central London property has been likened to gold dust attracting rich tycoons with gazillions buying up property in Mayfair, Belgravia, Chelsea and Kensington.

Passports for sale

Shruti Tripathi: Why selling British passports for £2.5m is a terrible idea

Is it fair that you can just pay a couple of millions to buy a British asset?

Inside Richard Branson's Verbier ski lodge

Video: Inside Richard Branson’s $182,000-a-week Verbier ski lodgeVideo

You’re probably just as accustomed as I am to having four chefs, a 24-hour chauffeur and a spa therapist at your complete disposal, so I’m sure you’ll join me in saying a big fat “pretty average holiday” to Richard Branson’s Verbier ski lodge.

RSS feed for London residential property advice archive

London residential property advice archive

London property prices

Alessio Rastani: A 10% fall in London house prices starts now

From the man who told the BBC that “Goldman Sachs rules the world”…

Marilyn Stowe

Buying property with your partner? Read this advice on cohabitation and property first

Marilyn Stowe, Senior Partner, Stowe Family Law, explains all

Where to buy property in London

Where to buy property in London in 2013 and 2014 Video

Forget your postcode prejudices and invest in these up and coming London hotspots

Justin Urquhart Stewart

Justin Urquhart Stewart: Don’t worry about a housing bubble – it’s “Help to Buy” you should fear

The founder of Seven Investment Management says we shouldn’t rush to push RBS to the market

London skyline sunshine

Michael Cassidy: Have you heard about London's new hotspot? Meet the Northern Arc

The former City of London Corporation planning chairman shares his secrets about London’s evolution

London skyline

Infographic: Where NOT to buy property in London

Check out NatWest’s London Borough Comparison Tool to see which boroughs are most expensive to live in and which have seen a drop in prices

Council housing in London with an axe over it

James Max: Believe in the living wage? Then get rid of social housing

Companies should shoulder the responsibility of affordable living, argues our controversial columnist

An aerial view of London houses

Naomi Heaton: Stop being gloomy. We should not be wishing away a UK housing recovery

London Central Portfolio Limited founder’s inaugural column about why Vince Cable and the doomsayers have got it wrong

Goodman Fields

Flying high: Welcome to London's hottest residential high-rises

From Shoreditch to Croydon, London’s skyline is changing fast

Caledonia Road

And the award goes to... London's ugliest new buildings named and shamed

Every year the ugliest new UK buildings get named and shamed in the Carbuncle Cup prize, and this year is no different.

Sorry no vacancies

Exodus to Zone 3: why young Londoners are ditching central London

Young professionals are moving outwards and creating demand for cheap homes

Sarah Beeny

Sarah Beeny: My masterplan for solving the housing shortage

Sarah Beeny, Host of Property Ladder, founder of and founder of, on why going on house building binge is crazy


Wimbledon: Home is where the court is! Six great properties with tennis courts

As Wimbledon kicks off we look at the houses serving up sport in style

The Bezier

Sneak peek inside Tech City’s extravagant new £5.75m penthouses

Jacuzzis, large terraces and panoramic views of London just for starters

London property price tube map

London's first ever property price Tube map revealed

Which stations win in this Tube stop lottery?


How much of London Qatar REALLY owns - in pictures

Harrods and The Shard were just the beginning for the mega-rich emirate…

Pont Street flat

Check out these ONE-BEDROOM London flats on sale for UP TO £7m

The mind-boggling reality of London property prices

Saif Gaddafi with Carmen Electra

Shocking: Four dictators with London homes

We love being the playground of the international elite, but have we gone too far?

Water Tower in Kennington

London's weirdest home? Water Tower converted into £6.5m pad

If it’s a home with a history you’re after then you should dive in and buy this nine-storey Kennington property.

Roman House, City of London

Should London’s flirtation with luxury new builds become your love affair?

They don’t appreciate as quickly as period houses but the market is mad for them!

Swimming pool in London basement

London’s billionaire basement mania: luxury living or living hell?

Why are London’s richest on a digging spree?

Buying residential property in London? Signs an area is on the up: skips, ravers, bikes and closed shops

Buying London property? 7 unlikely signs an area is on the up

From warehouse parties to closing pubs…

Posh and Becks at Award event

Becktastic! David and Victoria move into £20m London pad

It’s an ultra-luxury South London rental pad for the Beck-pack!

London home

Have cash to splash? Take a look at London's £30m+ homes on sale

Which one of these posh pads would you like to buy?

The view from the Shard

Revealed: The stunning views of London from the top of the Shard

We take a tour of London’s tallest skyscraper

Fourteen bedroom house in Mayfair

Top 10 property apps to find your dream home

From renting villas in France to investing in a hot property, take a look at the apps that would get you your dream home at the touch of a button

Notting Hill Property

Revealed: London’s top 15 property hotspots

Where should you be sinking your money?

London skyline

Exclusive: Why London's prime property market is in gridlock

Sales of luxury London homes down 50% as Osborne gears to unveil further tax reforms

Investor insight

UK house prices - gloom or growth ahead? Video

UK house prices have just dropped for the fourth month in a row. There’s no question the property market has been struggling to stay above water for the past five years. But the big question is: what is the longer-term forecast: gloom or growth? Or is a sluggish recovery the best we can hope for? Does property still stack up as an investment in this climate?

Heath Hall

Inside London’s £100m+ homes

The luxury mansions that would put even One Hyde Park to shame

Ed Balls unveiled his housing plan at Labour's annual party conference

The mystery of Ed Balls' plan for 100,000 new houses

Can the shadow chancellor really fund these houses using the 4G cash?

An aerial view of London houses

An empty houses scandal in London? Balderdash

Why scaremongering about an empty homes crisis in London is rather like the Essex Lion scare

The next wave of skyscrapers taking over London

The new skyscrapers set to tower over London Subscription

The Shard and Cheesegrater are so passé. Check out the London skyline of the future

Property for sale in the UK

Your five step guide to buying property in the UK

Buying a home is never a simple process, understanding some of the basics of UK property buying systems will help to make the process easier

London property

Hitting the big 5-0? Forget the party, time to get cheaper home insurance

No one likes the thought of growing old. But what we often forget is the many benefits of having a few more miles on the clock. Bagging a cheaper home insurance deal is just one of the many silver linings.

E-guide: Buying and Investing in London Property in 2012

Free e-guide: Buying & investing in London property 2012

Discover hot new areas, make yourself more attractive to mortgage lenders, shorten the chain

A general view of One Hyde Park

One Hyde Park: failure or fortune-maker?

One in four of the apartments lies empty. Can One Hyde Park really be called a good investment?

Confessions of an Estate Agent

Confessions of an Estate Agent

Over the next few days we will be publishing exclusive extracts from Confessions of an Estate Agent by Rosalind Russell. Short, snappy and hilarious, these excerpts collated by Russell are guaranteed to brighten your day. You’ll never look at estate agents in quite the same way againWednesday, 2 May

Avenue Road, St Johns Wood, London

Psst... Look at these London homes on sale for £30m+

Got some serious multimillions burning a hole in your bank account and looking for a new crash pad? Laugh in the face of stamp duty with these uber-luxurious homes, on the London property market this week

London Leather Exchange

Postcode en Vogue: Could Bermondsey float your investment boat?

An area once dominated by council estates and disused warehouses is now home to galleries, trendy eateries and Europe’s tallest skyscraper - is it time to invest?

West End

Mead on property: West London is losing its cool

Our property writer bemoans west London’s “image uplift” and the increasing loss of Chelsea’s edge

Ed Mead

Mead on property: How the net sucked the soul out of home buying

Does the internet serve buyers well? And has it pushed down standards amongst estate agents?

Burberry show is streaming live from Hyde Park

Mead on property: Want to live in central London? Get ready for your loaded landowner to rip you off

If you want to live in central London, the chances are you’ll be living in a building where the freehold is owned by one of the major landowners – the Howard de Walden Estate, the Duke of Westminster, Lord Cadogan et al.

Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone

War of the houses – Ken and Boris go head to head on renting

Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson unveil new strategies

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