London's newest skyscraper: plans for a 40-storey City tower revealed

What nickname will Londoners give this one? (The Pistol, perhaps?)

Does London really have space left for another skyscraper? Turns out, it does.

Japanese developer Mitsubishi Estate London has launched plans to build a 40-storey skyscraper at 6-8 Bishopsgate and 150 Leadenhall Street.

Designed by Wilkinson Eyre, one of the architects of Battersea Power Station, the 769,630 square feet is yet to be approved by City of London. If it gets the green light, the building will be completed in 2020.

6-8 Bishopsgate and 150 Leadenhall Street

Plans include shops on the ground floor and a viewing platform on the top floor.

Naoki Umeda, managing director and chief executive of Mitsubishi Estate London said: “The submission of this application represents Mitsubishi Estate’s confidence in the City of London’s long term growth prospects as a world financial centre, and its attractiveness for blue chip companies.”


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