London's top 20 most influential on Twitter: THE CITY AND PERSONAL FINANCE

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It turns out when they’re not watching the markets, trading bonds and working out how to make money, the finance sector and City dwellers are busy being prolific tweeters. Here’s our list of the top 20.

Ranked by: Twitter influence of the most well-known and most-followed financial tweeters we can think of. Influence on Twitter measured by Peer Index. Disagree with our list? Let us know in comments below.

1.       @FinancialTimes

No-one can contend with the peach-papered-powerhouse that is The Financial Times. With regular tweets and 535,234 followers, the newspaper keeps the capital’s Twitter users engaged and informed. In FT we trust.

2.       @TimHarford

This guy is a one man financial media pro. He’s written four books, regularly writes his Undercover Economist blog for the FT and appears on BBC Radio 4… a lot.

His profile says he’s also a coffee lover. He’d want to be, with a schedule like his.

3.       @MartinSLewis

He’s the founder of, the site crammed full of cost-cutting tips for everyday life that a nation has come to depend on - or, at least, the 10 million users who visit it each month.

Lewis regularly appears in the media too – telling us how we can shrink that bill, side-step that hidden cost and leap frog over a chasm of debt.

4.       @Ian_Fraser

Ian Fraser, a journalist since 1988, works on programmes about the banking and financial crisis for the BBC.

He writes about business and finance for the Financial Times, the Sunday Times, the Independent on Sunday, the Daily Mail, and the Mail on Sunday. He’s also a visiting lecturer in financial journalism at the University of Stirling (since October 2009).

5.       @AllisterHeath

Business comes with personality with Allister Heath, editor of City A.M., London’s brilliant financial newspaper.

Heath successfully avoids just tweeting stories from his publication - hurrah. But his Twitter feed reads an awful lot like his media diary. Interview with so and so, on the couch with blah – we wonder when he gets time to do any editing?

6.       @CashQuestions

Feisty Friday Money Minx? Financial agony aunt extraordinaire? We love the humility of this lady almost as much as we love her advice.

And she doesn’t just reserve her wisdom to financial issues: “If anyone was thinking of twizzing lentil soup in a liquidiser without the lid on may I respectfully advise them not to. VERY bad idea.”

7.       @DavidWorsfold

He’s a financial journalist, now in editorial management at Incisive Media. David also has a blog called “Parliamentary Connections” on which he offers his view of politics, parliament and legislation – as it effects the world of insurance and the financial industry. Well – someone’s got to do it.

8.       @iancowie

Telegraph finance-hound Cowie is up next with his stream of financial news. All he needs is a jazzy background to complete his Twitter-dom.

9.       @richardtyler

Richard Tyler is a giant foot! Okay, only if you believe his profile picture, but he’s also, lucky for us, enterprise editor at the Daily Telegraph. Not strictly City, we admit, but he always seems happy to share advice on small business finance issues, and for that he makes the cut.

10.   @Simonlovesmoney

The news editor at tweets on all things personal finance and beyond. He also has a foodie alter ego @Simonatlovefood.

Money, food… we think we love this guy. Maybe we need to get him on the payroll at

11.   @Savvy_Woman

No flies on Sarah Pennels. This clever lady is behind helps ladies get more for their money. It’s a one-stop-shop for money advice…and men are welcome too.

12.   @financejames

He’s a financial journalist but not too proud to admit he’s also a lover of rubbish TV.  Politics, maths, macro-economics and most sports also feature highly for him.

Oh, and he has Friday joke time. We’re on board with that. This week from James: “I’ve just been banned from a hipster fashion forum. My threads just weren’t cool enough.”

Arf arf.

13.   @CashAdviser

She does what she says on the tin. Kathy Byrne is a financial services professional providing a wealth (get it?) of information on cash options and tailored cash solutions for IFAs and investors.

14.   @PropertyMermaid

She doesn’t actually have a scaly tail, but she does have lots of advice on how to build an impressive property portfolio that will allow for the kind of lifestyle she affords. (Oh and she likes scuba-diving – hence the name).

15.   @Josh_CityIndex

A huge Arsenal fan, Josh manages to control his football tweets and gives a hefty and knowledgeable stream of what he notices in the markets.

As chief market strategist at spread betting/CFD/FX firm City Index, he notices a thing or two.

16.   @taraevans

As personal finance and consumer money journalist at This Is Money and, Tara knows her stuff. She also right about Murdoch: “Anyone else find Rupert Murdoch’s twitter pic a bit uncomfortable?!”

Yes Tara – we did.

17.   @reutersJeremyG

No prizes for guessing where Jeremy works. As European investment correspondent he can keep the Twitterati on-board when it comes to the Eurozone.

18.   @Jasmine

Jasmine Birtles is the driving force behind Money Magpie. She helps others to seek and find all that is shiny and worthy to achieve a richer life. And rather happily she’s a humourist as well. What’s not to like?

19.   @SamJones_71

She calls herself the money professor. Cooking up recipes for financial glory, she delights in passing on the gems of her financial education. Can’t argue with that really.

20.   @montsetojeiro

And I quote: “F words feature highly in my world: Film fan, increasingly obsessive F1 fan & Client Services Director at love Finance agency, Teamspirit”.

Fooking fabulous.

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