Here are the world’s 10 most valuable brands

And you can guess which is at the top

We all know one of those guys. The app-wielding iPhone lover, who watches Apple’s annual results statement on their sparkling iMac and is currently trying to work out how they’d actually use an Apple Watch.

The Apple brand has been phenomenally successful in gathering and retaining loyal customers - and it shows, according to Forbes. In just a year, the brand’s value has risen 17% to $145.3bn, making it the world’s most valuable brand.

But which other brands are on the list?

  1. Apple $145.3bn

  2. Microsoft $69.3bn

  3. Google $65.6bn

  4. Coca-Cola $56bn

  5. IBM $49.8bn

  6. McDonald’s $39.5bn

  7. Samsung $37.9bn

  8. Toyota  $37.8bn

  9. General Electric $37.5bn

  10. Facebook $36.5bn


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