Twitter blows cold on Number 10’s advice to wear jumpers - best #CameronHeatingTips

David Cameron wears a jumper

David Cameron modelling the controversial garment in question

Following the revelation that energy secretary Ed Davey wears jumpers at home, Downing Street became further embroiled in the row over escalating energy costs when the prime minister’s spokesperson agreed the advice was something people should consider.

The Downing Street press office was then quickly forced to backtrack, releasing a statement saying: “It is entirely false to suggest the prime minister would advise people they should wear jumpers to stay warm.”

So what’s it to be? Jumpers or no jumpers? I for one want to know where the government stands on wearing long johns.

Within minutes of “jumper-gate”, Twitter uses responded with the hashtag #CameronHeatingTips. Here are the best.



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