One in 10 Brits are planning on telling a co-worker they fancy them at their office Christmas party – and 7 more cringeworthy stats

Put down the wine and back away from the colleague

You haven’t lived until you’ve done something embarrassing at your office Christmas party – or at least that’s what we tell ourselves and each other at London Loves Business.

It seems Christmas is the time for over-sharing, as well as over-indulging, among many employees as research has found one in 10 Brits are planning on telling a co-worker they fancy them at their office Christmas party.

The study of 1,000 people by Igniyte also found:

  • One in 10 UK employees have admitted drinking so much alcohol that they couldn’t turn up for work the next day (Ed - only one in 10…?).
  • The property sector seem the most likely to find themselves in trouble following Christmas party antics.
  • One in 5 property employees admitted they’d had an argument with their other half following a picture or status on Facebook at an office Christmas party.
  • One in 10 property employees have received a written or verbal warning following their behaviour at an office Christmas party, and 8% have even been fired.
  • A worried 10% of travel employees aren’t even going to their work Christmas party this year because they don’t want to do something embarrassing.
  • A total of 14% of energy and utilities employees are going to use the office Christmas party this year to confront a colleague or tell them they don’t like them.
  • Perhaps surprisingly, 36% of marketing and advertising employees plan to drink much less alcohol than the year before to avoid embarrassment.


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