London’s weirdest cafés

Cats, cereal and charging by the minute

This week a London café opened which charges just £1 for anything on its shelves. Caffix in Fitzrovia has sandwiches, salads and drinks, all for a set price of £1. To call it the pound shop of catering almost seems harsh, but that’s essentially what it is.

This got us thinking about London’s other weird cafes, and there are plenty.

The cat café

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in Shoreditch hasn’t been open long but it’s already one of London’s most famous weird cafes. Serving tea, cake and sandwiches, the café allows visitors to stroke and play with its 12 resident cats.

The toilet café

Yes, it’s essentially a toilet – or at least it was back in the Victorian era. Built in 1890, The Attendant used to be a men’s toilet until it was closed in the 1960s and later restored and turned into a cosy café. It’s got many of the original features and serves food cooked on the premises, near Goodge Street.

The cereal café

A flurry of press attention surrounded the opening of the Cereal Killer Café on Brick Lane, as the media tried to work out what to make of a café which sells pretty much only cereal.  There are more than 120 different varieties of cereal from all over the world and some interesting “cocktails” - including  Coco Shreddies with Jaffa Cakes and orange juice.

The board game café

Yeah we all know a quirky London pub with board games, but this is something else. Draughts in Haggerston has hundreds of different board games – from your common garden variety Monopoly to something more unusual such as the intriguing sounding Top Secret Spies.

The café where they fix your bike

If you cycle in London you’re guaranteed to know this one. Look Mum No Hands! is a very popular café on Old Street – popular because of its relaxed, independent vibe, but also because it includes  a bike workshop so you can get your bicycle fixed while you stop for tea and cake.

The by-the-minute café

Russian café Ziferblat in Shoreditch gives you a clock on the way in, and takes a note of the time, so it can charge you by the hour, rather than what you consume. If you’re a quick drinker you can get a cup for tea for less than £1.


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