Top five places to buy ice cream in London

Breast milk ice cream? Or caramelised white chocolate with miso? Enjoy the sun while it lasts and get yourself down to one of the coolest ice cream parlours in town

It’s hot and sunny outside, but snow is on its way. Sorry to break that to you. How about I make it up by revealing where to find the best ice cream in London? (Eat them quick before it turns wet and miserable again)

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Masala Zone: Bayswater, Camden town, Covent Garden, Earls Court, Fulham, Islington, Soho  

Masala Zone, Covent Garden, London

I know, you don’t think masala when you think ice cream but you should because they do ice cream rather well on the subcontinent (which when you think how hot it gets makes complete sense.

Masala Zone serves kulfi, a special type of ice cream found all over the Indian subcontinent. If you’ve never tried it then you’re in for a massive, massive treat.

Masala Zone serves mango, pistachio or caramel kulfi.  

The Icecreamists: Covent Garden South Piazza and Covent Garden Maiden Lane

Ice Creamists

Ice Creamists

Fast becoming more of an institution than an ice cream shop, these guys have taken ice cream to whole new levels. Oh yes, remember breast milk ice cream? Gay ice cream? Over 18s ice cream? That’s these guys. They call themselves “Agents of Cool” and don’t let you in unless you’re of legal age.

Flavours include the infamous Baby Gaga (now changed to Baby Googoo after a legal dispute), and bitter chocolate which reporter Shruti Tripathi is rather fond of.

Marine Ices: Haverstock Hill

One of London’s oldest ice cream parlours, (since 1931), Marine Ices is everything The Icecreamists is not: traditional, child friendly and old school. All your favourite flavours are there and it’s bona fide Italian. Step into a time warp and indulge.

Oddono’s: South Kensington, Selfridges Food Hall, Whiteleys, Battersea

Christian Oddono set up this his ice cream parlour in Bute Street in July 2004 and has now something of an empire. His mission is fresh, natural Italian gelato.

They’ve made 130 flavours so far and have an ardent following of gelato lovers who can earn gelato points with their gelato card. Their motto? “Life’s too short to eat bad ice cream.”

William Curley: Belgravia

William Curley ice cream

William Curley ice cream

William has been awarded Britain’s Best Chocolatier by the Academy of Chocolate for five consecutive years; 2007-2011. That’s not bad. And his ice creams aint bad either.

In fact they’re damn right fantastic. Here’s a few of the flavours: sea salt caramel; green tea; caramelised white chocolate and miso; chocolate, rosemary and olive oil; orange and yoghurt; toasted sesame.  

There are sorbets too. In fact they do ice creams to order too and will make up any flavour you like, (within reason). What are you waiting for?


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