London's largest ever urban art work dominates King's Cross building

Have you spotted the splash of colours on the Karpo restaurant building in King’s Cross? It’s the work of four prolific street graffiti artists and is the largest art work London’s ever had

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Graffiti mural on Karpo building, King's Cross

The one-month-old Karpo restaurant in King’s Cross has enlisted graffiti artists, Remi Rough of London, Edinburgh’s Steve More, LX.One from Paris and LA-based Augustine Kofie to jazz up their building, winning them some serious publicity in doing so.

They used 160 litres of spray paint and 150 litres of emulsion to create the fabulous geometric design on the building.

“It’s not every day that you get to showcase your artwork on a building that is across London’s business stations. Therefore, we knew we had to create a design that is colourful and stands out,” Remi Rough told

Graffiti mural on Karpo building, King's Cross

“It took six weeks to come with the design, it kept bouncing back between Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Paris and Peckham, where I live.  

Graffiti mural on Karpo building, King's Cross

“All of us design in a very abstract way so each of us came up with our design and fused it together to make the art eye-catching and colourful.

“The reactions to the mural have been just fantastic, we’ve got compliments pouring in on Facebook and Twitter and people stop over to click pictures of the building – we’re really proud of the design.”

Graffiti mural on Karpo building, King's Cross

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